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Thomas Campbell Grid Tee

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Thomas Campbell's design features a fade through graphic which he created specifically for this campaign series and a lettering he has been developing throughout the years.  "I thought it would be something that people would want to wear and also would relate that they're interested in what (Waves For Water) is doing." 

100% of the proceeds from the purchase of this t-shirt are directed to Waves For Water's global programs.

  • California style water-based print
  • 100% cotton
  • Fits true to size
  • Female model is styled in a size L but wears a size S
  • Male model is wearing a size L
  • All orders ship June 30

Thomas Campbell

Waves for Water
Artists for Waves for Water

“I enjoy adapting creativity to whatever scenario I’m involved with.”

Thomas Campbell is a California-based visual artist, filmmaker, sculptor, photographer and self-proclaimed "stuff maker."

Thomas grew up surfing and skating in southern California before moving to New York in the 1980s. In that setting he came to know and be associated with the artists that would go on to make up San Francisco's Mission School painters.

Thomas designed his Waves For Water tee with a lettering technique that he’s developed over the years. Above all, he wanted to create something that people would want to wear to show their support of the work that Waves For Water does worldwide.