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Natas Kaupas Ripple Effect Tee

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Natas choose to use the idea of a ripple effect in his graphic, painting it on in an airbrush style font.
  • California style water-based print
  • 100% cotton
  • Fits true to size
  • Female model is wearing a size M for an oversized fit
  • Male model is wearing a size L
  • All orders ship June 30

Natas Kaupas

Waves for Water
Artists for Waves for Water

Widely recognized as a pioneer of the street skating scene in the 1980's, Natas Kaupas grew up in sunny Santa Monica, California perfecting ollies and skating up walls as a teenager. After gaining recognition among professional skating teams, Natas began his career as a professional skater appearing in various films including the acclaimed skate film Wheels on Fire and follow-up film Streets on Fire.

Over the course of his career, Natas was involved in development and design with brands like Etnies, Quicksilver and Element Skateboards.

"One part that I really like about Waves For Water is the direct influence you have on helping somebody. It's tangible and immediate. That idea of doing what you love and helping along the way (has) a lot of parallels with my professional career path because I didn't study art or skateboarding for that matter but always followed instinctually the stuff I liked."

The DIY approach that Waves For Water takes reminds Natas of a ripple effect. "You can actually see good happening there and nothing but more good is going to come from it."